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  • I was fortunate enough to attend the Bosnia tour with Ayyman Group. Their exceptional care and customer focused approach means they’re second to none in the travel industry. The team are very down to earth and facilitate for everyone, making sure you have a fruitful and memorable trip. The standard of hotels and transportation far exceeds expectations. You will never regret booking with ayyman group and will create memories for life.

    Shah Alam
    Bosnia Tour Oct 2019
  • I have got nothing but praise for Ayyman group, who took us to Jerusalem. I took my family with me including 4 children and they are all under 10 years of age. I was expecting this visit to be challenging in many different ways but effective communication, patience and leadership of people related to Ayyman group made the visit one of the best experiences we ever had. All the arrangements at any point were much beyond expectations. I am more than happy to recommend Ayyman group to anyone.

    Mr M N Ashraf
    Walsall (May 2016 Group)
  • The May Al Aqsa group was an absolutely privilege to be a part of. It is the best group I’ve been involved in and I’ve been part of quite a few. From the fantastic Hashimi Hotel and its staff and food to the guided tours with Sheikh Saleh, and the all inspiring Sister Abeer’s speech it has been an absolute honour to have had this opportunity. To top it all off the visit to the orphanage was a humbling experience. That’s even before I’ve marvelled at the al aqsa sanctuary itself. A truly wonderful experience.

    Luton (May 2016 Group)
  • The journey to the blessed land Masjīd al-Aqsā with Ayyman group was absolutely fantastic. They are well organises group and before the departure I was given a step by step mandatory guideline for each day what we will be going through which was very helpful and much appreciated. It was my first time going with this group and I have experienced alot things that inspired me for going again with the same organisation and I would recommend for other’s to go.

    Mohammad Aziz
    Luton (May 2016 Group)
  • We embarked on our first Journey to Masjid Al Aqsa with the family this year. We decided to go with Ayyman Group Tours. The booking process was extremely easy and communication with Shaykh Nagib was very efficient, responding to any messages very promptly. A zoom call was organised prior to departure, which was very useful to get ourselves prepared.

    Our group leader brother Amir was an outstanding leader who carried the attributes of Abu Bakr (ra). He was humble, soft and very helpful. He made it easy for me and my family.

    We stayed at Hashimi Hotel in Jerusalem where the service and hospitality was fantastic. Front of house, housekeeping, kitchen staff were all welcoming and very helpful.

    Finally we had Shaykh Saleh who was an absolute legend. His talks and educated tours were inspirational and humorous.

    May Allah swt give rizq to the hotel, may Al Latif continue to be kind and bless Brother Amir and reward him in this life and next. May Allah continue to strengthen Shaykh Salehs heart even more so that he can continue will all the great work and charity he does and make him successful to achieve his goal.

    JazakAllah Khayr Ayyman Travels for everything. Forever in debt to everyone that made this blessed trip so memorable.

    Until next time, Shadur & Ambia


    Shadur & Ambia
    Masjid Aqsa 8-12 Feb 2023 Group
  • I’ve just returned from a Pre-Ramadhan 7 day trip with Ayman group from Al Aqsa.
    What I can only describe as amazing and having set me up nicely for Ramadhan not only spiritually but with provisions for my fasting too.
    This is all thanks to Maulana Abdul Khabir who gave us amazing insight into every aspect of Palestinian life, culture and foods in particular.
    The only con to this is I can’t imagine going to Al Aqsa again without Maulana Abdul Khabir or even brother Sohail who worked tirelessly with their communications, hospitality and organisation.
    I was very apprehensive initially having never travelled with a group of strangers but these two individuals have beautiful hearts of gold and take pride in their service they offer from the beginning till we boarded our flight they were by our sides.
    The group was full of awesome people who looked after each other like we were all one family and I’ve made a good few friends, it’s difficult to let go of such amazing individuals with beautiful hearts that easily.
    I’m forever grateful to you guys, this was a trip I’ll always look back with fond memories.

    13-19 March 2023 Aqsa Group
  • I have always wanted to visit Palestine but I wasn’t sure how safe it would be. I finally took the plunge and decided to book with my family. We booked with the Ayyman Group because the dates aligned with our availability. The tour was for 7 days which was the right amount of time to take in everything as any less would have felt rushed especially considering a day is lost on either side travelling. Brother Sohail was the group leader and he did a fantastic job in checking up on us from the moment we arrived at the airport and throughout, ensuring everything ran smoothly. The hotel we stayed at, Hashimi Hotel was fantastic. The hotel was perfectly situated a short distance from the Al Aqsa complex and we were provided with delicious breakfast and dinner. The staff were friendly and helpful and a special mention for Yazan, who makes the best omelettes. The tour itself consisted of a coach trip across different sites in Palestine as well as a walking tour across the old city. There was plenty of rest days where we could also explore on our own. The best part was that we were so close to the masjid that it was possible to make all our salah inside. The tour would not have been complete without the presence of Maulana Abdul Khabir. He is very knowledgeable but his legendary stories are not to be missed. Also, not to forget his famous milkshake recipe which I’m sure he will tell you about another time. One of the highlights of the tour was the bond we formed as part of a group. We came in as strangers and left as one big family. I recommend anyone who has the opportunity, to visit Palestine. The place is safe, the people are friendly and I hope to visit again soon inshallah.

    13-19 March 2023 Group
  • Bismillah.
    We travelled to Palestine with Ayyman group in March 2023. The trip was well organised with excellent communication before, during and after travel. All the members of team were welcoming and reassuring and we felt safe and taken care of. Maulana Abdul Khabir and Brother Sohail took a lot of time to explain and discuss the context of country and the people living in it. Their personal experience and connections were of great value. The timetable allowed for personal worship as well as seeing sites of historical interest. The Hashimi Hotel is located close to the al Aqsa complex, the staff are friendly and the food is fresh and plentiful.

    Our teachers often say that places of great light attract great darkness as well. And this is very apparent in Jerusalem in general and the vicinity of al Aqsa in particular. It was so sad to see that younger people are excluded from the masjid and the differences between the areas allocated to different groups within the old city are stark. However, the atmosphere inside the Masjid was beautiful and calm.

    On one hand, the trips outside the city could be viewed as tourist or shopping experiences. On the other hand, however, these are invaluable opportunities to understand the everyday lives and experiences of ordinary Palestinians. If nothing else, it gives us the opportunity to bear witness.

    We would recommend travelling to Palestine with Ayyman group. Attending the pre – travel meetings is essential!

  • Amazing! That’s how I will describe my experience at Al-Aqsa. I came ahead of the group by 3 days so I had more time to soak up the beautiful atmosphere. Really enjoyed the Masjid environment, the hospitality, the food and everything about this place.

    Initially my parents were reluctant to let me go on the trip due to the security situation but all was fine for the full 10 days while I was there. In fact I was suprised to see so many families with young children playing in the Masjid courtyard. I’ve already decided to bring my family along with me the next time.

    The Group was fantastic. A real family environment led by the world famous Moulana Abdul Khabir, who knew so much about the Blessed Land due to which we saw so much we probably wouldn’t have without. The Group really made sure everyone was accommodated throughout.

    If you haven’t been to Al-Aqsa, I would highly recommend it as your next trip.

    Javid Patel
    London (13-19 March 2023 Aqsa Group)
  • Salams we have reached home safely. JazakaAllah khair Ayyman group, for such a wonderful trip. It was lovely meeting & travelling with you all. Ashraf you were an excellent group leader MashaAllah. Thank you for everything. Please forgive us for any shortcomings & May Allah bless you all. Looking forward to returning again InshaAllah.

    Mohammed Aziz
    14 May 2023
  • My husband bought me a 3,000 piece Jigsaw puzzle of Aqsa and said that we’ll visit once I’d completed it. الحمدالله it took me most of lockdown, but I got there eventually. Visiting Aqsa has been a du’a of ours for years, I’m so glad we made it, we also booked an umrah trip separately straight after to visit all 3 holy mosques in 1 trip, visiting Aqsa first set the tone for our next trip.

    Ayyman group were incredible to travel with, they’re so experienced and knowledgeable, not only that, they had a jolly attitude and took such good care of us. I can’t thank Maulana Abdul Khabir and Brother Sohail enough. They set the tone and the vibe of the trip for the group to bond like family. Saying goodbye to everyone on the last day of the trip filled me with tears.

    I came mentally prepared for a trip where we’d witness uncomfortable things, but it wasn’t like that at all. We were prepared for delays and questions at the airport, it’s just part and parcel of the trip. Its a drop in the ocean of the incredible experience we had.

    Jerusalem itself is stunning to visit, it’s walls tell stories of the prophets, many of which are passed down from walls that stood before it. It felt like umrah, one where you feel the love of the locals, where you peacefully pass by historic structures and streets on your way to the daily prayers.

    The food there is incredible, the hummus and falafel are different, but what I enjoyed most was the food at the Hashimi hotel, where we stayed. We experienced mouthwatering homely Palestinian cuisine that superior to any hotel food I’ve ever experienced.

    We learned so much history of the land and its prophets from Maulana but also of the current situation at the Walled Off Hotel. We met some Palestinians preaching love which was inspiring to see.

    I left the trip gutted to no longer pray in the Qibli Mosque, missed my new family and the Hashimi hotel. I pray to come back again and again and meet everyone again. It was such a blessing and a privilege. We had people of all ages on the trip, from toddlers to grandparents, I would recommend everyone to come.

    London, September 2023

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